Female aged  28 married presented with a compliant of  Abdominal and chest pain with weakness and suffocation.

 She has undergone investigation in the renowned hospital in Delhi and was Diagnosed with Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome causing significant narrowing of the celiac axis. She has also developed Mild Pericardial Effusion.

 “Treatment is generally surgical, the mainstay being open division, or separation, of the median arcuate ligament combined with removal of the celiac ganglia. The majority of patients benefit from surgical intervention. Poorer responses to treatment tend to occur in patients of younger age, those with a psychosomatic disorder”

 She  was undergoing tremendous emotional stress due to disharmony in her married life during that phase of the attack.

 She was given Ignatia 1M on the basis of emotional distress. On her next visit she visited us with a smile and cheerful expression. She also reported relieve in her abdominal and chest pain, possibly we were able to prevent surgical intervention in the case till date.


A case of Chronic LL came to us in Aug 2007. He was depressed with gloomy expression and was supported by his son and daughter in law for any movement

 After medication in the next visited he said that he is extremely confident fearfull that he will be fine now. He was very positive and active and there was no gloominess and no fear of disease which was apparent in the first visit.his exact words were “ki ab mar b jau to koi parwah nai” which was completely different from his first visit.

 Later on we advised him to  consult an oncologist whose approach is more humane in nature. He underwent chemotherapy along with homoeopathic medicine, he tolerated the chemotherapy very well  with no  loss of  appetite and  strength and was  very  energetic during and after  chemotherapy. His sleep became better, he could walk and he started visiting the clinic on his own,

Normally patient on chemotherapy have many adverse reactions like loss  of appetite, nausea, vomiting low power of tolerance to the drug to which his body  responded favorably

He is still visiting us and under medication and treatment and taking charge of many of his family activities, like construction of his house. His family is very supportive of him.

As this patient is suffering from cancer and taking chemotherapy, this causes many anxieties financial and emotional.

 Homoeopathic medicine helps to reduce the fear and  relieves the symptoms  and  helps the  patient fight the disease in a better  way.