France lecture 2007

June 28th 2007

Clermont Ferrand Group
The meeting was held on 26th June 2007 in a Restaurant at 6.30 pm under very warmly atmosphere. All the practitioners came after a busy day in the clinic. Dr. Jean Lafeuillade introduced me with the slide show of Delhi and the clinic. Very kind words from him.  From the introduction it was very clear  to talk about my work in the clinic and Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, the social activities. It was heartening to know the interest of group in my working for poor people in Delhi. My main aim to give them the knowledge of  Homoeopathy and its  health care facilities, by demonstrating the art of the science. It has been a privilege to work from Basti Nizamuddin under the spiritual supervision  of the Sufi Saint of 13th  century—Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. Medical science has been practiced by the spiritual person as part of the healing service. Having the bent in the knowledge of divine, clear the heart from the motive related to self. Knowledge with out application is no good and Homoeopathy is the Science of experiment.

Let me first pay my homage to son of France and Homoeopathy, Drs Jack Baur, and Demonage, who has been instrumental in giving the foundation to Homoeopathy in France. I am grateful to them, and pay my humble respect for being kind and making me known in  Europe. I miss their affection and pray for them.

Dear friends I am very much pleased to be here after long gap of seven years. Hope it will not be the same next time. My work started in Delhi in 1972 first as helping the inhabitants of the area and uplifting them. After many consideration a group of us decided to help educate the people. First job was to make them understand the important of education and how it can improve their living condition and their children in future. Change in their life style, food habits and thinking. With Lady Hayat Bouman, a Dutch lady who could speak in urdu and understand the culture of the area we touched the ladies first. Talking to young men and elder it became our responsibility,  myself and Mitch. First I started a free clinic, an easy way to get attention of the people, treat them and talked to them, motivated for learning, which will be helpful in their profession an adult education. This area is well known for the Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin and many devotees from all over the India and world visit it every year Surprising it was a good response. From there we started our effort to educate the children by sponsoring them and sending them to school. We along with some friends in and out side India especially France, collected money for the expenses like books, stationery uniform for children, salary for one teacher and room rent. All these children come from very low income group and parent on their own can not support the expenses.  Along with an emphasis how it can change the life of the children and their too. Every one likes to see their children successes in life and dose well for the family.

The aim was to penetrate in the life, thinking, opening in the horizon of the people of the area.

In the winter we arrange blankets, warm clothing for the family and children, either buying from the market, or asking some organization to extend their support like Red Cross, Rotary Club etc and individuals.

As  the understanding changes, more and more people want to send their children to school and our expenses become big. A friend  from France Annick extended the financial support since 1983 for 35 children. To carry on the work, we established  Hayat Foundation, a charitable organization. These children live with their parents, during day go to school and in the afternoon come for tuition and help from the teacher. The Hayat Foundation receives money from different sources for all the expenses and  keeps record. It provides all the study material, school uniform, looks after the health of the children. Fruits are provided during the afternoon tuition. The children are from the primary class to school level. Some children want to continue their study further and go to college. The expenses comes to about $50 per child.
For professional courses, like Diploma in Engineer, Pharmacy, Hotel management, Teacher training course, Fashion Designer, Airline Diploma etc. the prices are very high, $1000 or more for two year course. These are special courses the Foundation sponsor when need. For this professional course we need extra money.
The clinic provide milk, clothing, blanket and medical care for the poor people.
We are three physicians and three assistants in the clinic who also looks after the functioning of the Hayat Foundation.
Now let me tell all about my clinical work. It all started in 1972 from my house, when I was working in the College as Lecturer and teaching Anatomy. My interest to help ailing people was since childhood. One of the first patient was a baby of three month old suffering from rash all around Urogenital area, raw and reddish look. The uncle who brought the child narrated me in  strong words, if I can help this child who has been seen by many specialists with out any result. If Homoeopathy can help? I asked  him to give me three days. There was no one else to give me any history, and the uncle concentrated on the immediate problem. I look the area closing, some smell, raw, reddish surface. The smell bring me the thought of chemistry lab and the smell of different chemicals, like sulphuric acid, nitrous oxide etc. Nitric acid smell closely which was given in 1000K potency. This was my first and important case and all the hope of establishing my Homoeopathic practice depended on that. The next day some good news from the uncle, I  few days time the child was 40% better. The family was very happy. Few years later in 1977 when I left the teaching job and hair a room for the clinic, the uncle of this child came foreword and helped me in the designing of the clinic which I still have. Now why nitric acid, as there was no clinical information from the parent, only the visual, which give the location of the disorder, smell, and look. These three observation was sufficient. The role of eye is 50% in the diagnosis of a case. If your mind  dose not know your I can not see.

Homoeopathy is a Science of experiment, that mean experiment, observation and inference. So, the part of our practice is the observation. After I have prescribed the remedy I look in all my books, Kent, Nash, Tyler, Clerks, Materia Medica’s. In my early day of practice I use to read the Materia Medica and Organon of medicine as much as I can. Books on medicinal plants and herbs. This improves the study of remedy.
In India the challenge is to treat the acute cases. The success in this type of acute, allergic cases has been able to give Homoeopathy a strong foundation to that extent it has now  been accepted by the people in general, recognized by the Government with full financial support. Establishment of College and Hospital, full course of five and half years for Bachelor degree followed by three years for M. D.  Establishment of Homoeopathic clinics in major government and private Hospitals, which is managed by Physicians and staffs trained as Homoeopaths. Now is the time to prove and establish the role of Homoeopathic medicines in acute as well as chronic, difficult cases of unknown etiology. It is big opportunity for the profession and any help in dealing with cases like Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis,  Hepatic and renal disorder shall be welcome from the professional from all over.
Similarly dealing with tonsillitis, otorrhoea, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergic disorder either to allopathic drugs or atmospheric pollution is the essential part of the Homoeopathic Science and Art.

Allow me to say some clinical cases, a young man in his 30’s came to consult me in my Free Clinic and very confidently told to help him for his unusual  condition for which his friend enjoy and laugh. A part from other physical complaint his main concern was to get over the fright of getting into the Giant Wheel. It is not the problem of getting into it and going up but it is big fright coming down. There was nothing else to ask but to give Borax. These are straight cut cases,  clear picture and no mistake. Of course there are  other remedies in the categories like Aconite, Argentum Met Conium, Ferrum Met, Lycopodium, Rhododendron. We can also consult this rubric Descending aggravation, Page 1356 Kent Repertory. There are many remedies but Borax stands out with its nervous sensitivity.
Similarly I had a case, a laborer, tall and well built and narrated his fearful sensation of Heart is hanging from thread, no mistake there too—Kali Carb 200, one dose settled his anxiety.

These prescriptions build the confidence in patient as well as gives the physician, the ability to think in right direction and know the inside of the remedies. What is know as the basic character of the drug and its sphere of action—the spirit of the remedies- the synthesis. All these just in one prescription, evolving the power of thinking and analysis.

It has been observed that the patient from village are more précised in the description of their symptoms than the urban and civilized people. The villager talks straight and to the point, take less time and precise. This help us to come quickly to the remedies than lost in the deep in the junk of symptomatology.

A child suffering from Bronchitis, with a history of pneumonia in infancy, recurrent bout of cold, sneezing, cough, leading to breathless and wheezing. This frequency of attack and sensitivity to cold, cold weather, food, having a low resistance to atmospheric changes. After many trail the effectiveness of few remedies are very rewarding. In this particular case it was Psorinum 200 one dose  followed by Calcarea Carbonicum 6 from the next day daily for 15 days three times a day. Psorinum has the susceptibility of cold and cough and never ending process of coryza and running nose. It also has the power to modify the effect of vaccination. The children over vaccinated and become to frequent suffering form Upper and Lower Respiratory Infection.  Because of these background it has been found to effective in condition like upper respiratory infection and infantile asthma. One must keep this in mind when thinking and prescribing. When looking for these condition and its remedies, it may be very upsetting to be a routine prescriber. But there is a reason behind in the selection of the remedies. We also have other group of remedies like Spongia Toasta, Sambucus Nigra, Mephitis, Drosera, Hepar Sulphuricum and the reason to select them.

M Alam aged 3year and 6 months
Molluscum Contagiosum.
Smooth round eruption upper lip, and chin since 3 months
Healthy child. Vaccination without any reaction, last vaccination one and half year back.

Medorrhinum 1000 one dose, July 31,04
Aug 28, 2004
More new eruption around lip, Dulcamara 200.
Sept 4, 04
molluscum became red. Cough from sweets. Itching around rectum.
Cina 6 every 6 hrs for a week
Sept 13,05 falling of molluscum
Sept 23, 04 more new eruption. Dulcamara 1000

The above case indicate various possibilities and reason of the giving different remedies in a cases due to indication. This a common phenomena in our day to day prescription. The disease in limited and dose not give many symptoms, very few, the child is otherwise healthy and behaving like a normal child. This a month of August which is rather a month of tolerance, usually warmer weather.

The Molluscum Contagiosum is a sycotic eruption and as per disease it is caused by the poxviruses, but the virus is antigenically different. Children are most commonly infected and the flexural surfaces are the area of skin most frequently involved. In adults, spread often occurs with sexual contact. Irritation of the fleshed-colored umbilicated papules may induce scratching and further spread.

Keeping this in mind, with few symptoms, I selected Medorrhinum. The sexual symptoms either of parent, which is difficult to evaluate, may be the cause of the skin manifestation. the child. Next  visit, there were more new eruption, indicating the activity of the energy due to Medorrhinum. Good sign and activity  which is expected from Medorrhinum. Now my next remedy for this kind of papule is Dulcamara, to take care of the further development of the molluscum and itching. A week later the papules became red which is the first sign of effectiveness of the medicine, but it has excited some new signs like cough and itching of rectum, which require a Cina, although Medorrhinum could have taken care of the rectal scratching. Cina is a supportive remedies, to avoid the disturbing night situation. Cina to effective deal with the acute symptoms as well as molluscum, which started falling of. But later on  more papules were seen of the face and lips, hence indicating further activity of virus. Have more faith in Dulcamara and its previous effectiveness in molluscum. It has  enlargement of lymphatic glands and erythematous eruption upon the skin. Skin disease that show this tendency to aggravate at every exposure.

My experience with Dulcamara in skin trouble is due to its character to throw out all short of eruption, multiple boils like eruption,  smoothes, papules especially on face-cheek, forehead, nose etc having a tendency to spread.

You may ask me about it climatic effect. When other feature are  taken care, the  children are prone to climatic changes and taking August is the mixture of hot, humid and cold, weather. The month itself indicate as the exciting factor.

With this view in mind Dulcamara was give which completed the work.
My prescription do take care of the season, weather condition, location of the disease, sensation and my own observation. Once a lady ceased with sudden pain in abdomen while she was waiting to show her son. She was putting her hand on abdomen and bending foreword and almost speechless. Gave colocynth 200, one dose only and try to make her comfortable on the examination table. With 15 minutes she was relief of her pain. The family was surprise to see the quick effect of the Homoeopathic medicine and very much pleased.


26 year old, male, well built and strong person, good  physique, regular gym, came with pain in right thigh ++, more with exertion.
Bowel and Bladder movement regular, formed.
Climatic effect not perceptible.
Perspiration upper chest and under arms, staining garment light yellow. Sleep fine.
Thirst increased drinks 3 litres of water per day.
Holy Angels Hospital, Delhi Oct.19. 2004
X-ray Rt. lower limb shows Benign Growth
Delhi MR and CT Scan centre, New Delhi
MRI Right femur, Oct 20 2004.
Sessile Osteochondroma, postero-lateral aspect of the proximal third. Right femur.
Dec 29th 2004
Advised to stop gym activities and avoid rich—animal fat and spicy food.
Conium 1000, 3 doses, one dose every ten minutes.
Calcarea Fluoricum 30, three times a day for two weeks.
Feb 05th 2005, no complaints of pain.
Sac Lac was given for 6 weeks.
April 9th 2005.
Tingling and numbness in the lower thigh.
Conium M 1000, 3 doses one dose every ten minutes.
Sac lac for two weeks.
May 21st 2005.
No problem in movement.  Feeling much better till date.
Delhi MR and CT Scan centre, New Delhi.
02.07.05    MRI Right Femur:
There is no change in size and signal intensity morphology of femoral osteochondroma along postero lateral aspect right femur. Rest of the femur is normal.
Conium maculatum is a deep and long acting drug affecting the glands, all over the body.  It action in malignant and cancerous condition has been well recognized. The growth which gradually become stony hard. Bruised by a blow, injury to bone. It help to recognize the conium in patient who has been restraining from sexual activities.


Ms Y aet 15, July 3rd 1999 till Date
Headache-both temple, nape of neck, lower back. Occipital pain worse after bending. Temple pain more when thinking, tension, less diversion.
Desire for salty, sour, spicy food.
Has lots of meat and red pepper.
Thirst average.
Perspiration profuse specially on face, not offensive.
Bath 3-4 times a day, hot feeling, since the allopathic medicine.
Sleep all time, day and night.
Facial swelling—8-9 months.
Amenorrhoea  one year.
Leucorrhea-white, thick, not offensive.
Easily angered-speaks out.

Memory weak- reading text.
Small eruption on face after medicine.
Easily tired- weak feeling in head and legs.
Fever, vomiting.  Fear of water.
A.T.T. September 1998.
X ray chest revealed inflammatory disease of both lungs , ? Tubercular

Mother – tuberculosis of lungs.
March 18,1999 CT Brain
Enhancing irregular mass with edema around the right temporo-parietal lobe with middle line shift with diffuse cerebral edema- Glioblastoma.
Jun 4-00 CT Brain
Multiple Tuberculoma, edema definitely reduced.
Aug 26,04 CT Brain
Multiple calcification of variable size in rt. cerebral hemisphere.
Tuberculinum 200 to 1000 along with occasional doses of Carbo veg 6,  Ferrum phos 6 and Calcarea iod 6.
Patient is still under study and doing well in her life like a normal person.

During the course dinner we  discussion Flouric Acid an interesting acid group of unique quality. Apart from its normal feature, I remember it feature of feeling better when moving the limbs energetically, sometime it is the desire of the patient to move energetically and baldness. Now to look into it we find a deep acting remedy of miasms, hot blooded, and worse from warm things, disturbed the skin, nail, hair etc. briefly I would like to mention it relationship with its natural follower. The series of medicine follow each other and each remedy cure some symptoms leaving the rest to be cure the following remedies. Fluoric acid may be followed by Pulsatilla which in turn shall be followed

Silica. Here the patient goes from one stage to another state, in each stage patient get relief of some symptoms at the same time the constitution of the patient also make a change that is from warm to more warm or cold-chilliness. Observing a pendulum like action between heat and cold between the various complementary remedies. The best way is to say from warm to chilliness and then warm state. Each stage will indicated a remedy, but it helps to remember series, Sulphur-Calcarea Carb- Lycopodium.  Similarly Pulsatilla follow well Silica which follow Floric Acid. May be we can discussion further on this series of remedies.

Reading the source book of Materia Medica and making a discussion on the subject, which you all do is the best way to know  the  remedy and it mode of application. The fact that you all have come here after the busy day, to quench  the thirst, is itself a devotion. I have tried to give some thought to benefit and excite the further study in Materia Medica.

Many Thanks and Khuda Hafiz (Be Protected).