NOVEMBER 16-18, 2007




Recognising the diseases assuming various forms,
Here it will be well appropriate to mention a case which I saw in the Hospital OPD. In the years 2005, a man in his 40’s working for the company as marketing executive consulted me for his Psoriasis. He had extensive Psoriatic patches all over body including hand, palms. Very embarrassing for him in the kind of job he is in. While interrogating we came to know that some time back he had suffered from Tuberculosis. After the tuberculosis was managed and treated, the rash came up and gradually spread all over his body. This is the time of infection and the onset of the disease and in the course of time it has spread to present stage.
In another case a young girl of 16 was treated for tuberculosis and now she is suffering from behavioural problem. (Fareha Farheen)

Cases like these do put you against the wall. How to manage and treat such conditions? How to bring back the normal healthy condition, a healthy mind and body? These cases are seen by us with a hope to gain their original state of health and mind. Free from signs and symptoms living close to nature, a mind free from anxiety, and anger.

One of the main objects of science of homoeopathy is to bring the life force active and close to higher consciousness. Remove all the unpleasantness.  Recognise the nature, its valuable contribution in our existence. Free the mind from desire of lust and self motive.  Understand the higher consciousness and purpose of our existence.

Our motives have changes since the fight between the two brothers in descendence of Adam family according to Old Testament. That may be the first instance of change in the thinking of man kind and development of Pain. The Pain due to unful filled desire or loss of love one. A change in the lust full motivation is the prime aim of our treatment

The chronic illness has been the challenge to the medical profession. Today in general, the medical men are putting their effort to find a solution for the pain. Trying to get to the source and reach to the root of the diseases. It is a mind bogging problem the physician has to face. It is the chronic diseases which disturbed the family and physician. This is faced in children as well as in adults. Chronic disease like allergic conditions, auto immune disorders, psoriasis and others are the challenge for the medical profession.

The degenerative disorder is the one making the bulk of the chronic and disable person, causing loss of man power. This increases the family responsibility in taking the care of the disables.  Diseases like Hypertension, Parkinsonism, and Alzheimer’s, Multiple sclerosis, Renal and Liver diseases are increasing day by day.
Science has always deviated or kept itself away from religion. The scientist thought goes away from the normal phenomena of life. The human existence is based on environment, nature and its surrounding. Human being and all living creature  and sun, Moon, Stars- the Galaxies, the Plants Water, Day and night all are interrelated and dependence to each other. All these have its role to play in the existence of living being and especially for human survival. Any disturbance in the environment, in the movement of planets, imbalance in atmospheric behaviour, reflects on the human mind and health and all the living being. Excessive heat or cold, air and water, has the similar effect. We are the decsendence of Adam and Eve. Scientist has their, own version of our origin.

I remember the incidence happen in the life of some prophet which may be nice to quote. This might give some reference to our sickness in the present day. Some thought which I would like to share with you all. There are eight qualities exemplified in eight Apostles;

1. Generosity of Abraham, who sacrificed his son; the acquiescence of Ishmael, who submitted to the command of ALLAH AND GAVE UP HIS DEAR LIFE.
2. The patient of Job, who patiently endured the affliction of worms and the jealousy of the Merciful.
3. The symbolism of Zacharias, to whom Allah said, “Thou shalt not speak unto men for three days save by signs.” Kor. Iii,36.  Again, “ when he called  upon his Lord with a secret invocation”. Kor. Xix, 2 .
4. Stranger hood of John, who was a stranger in his own country and an alien to his own kin amongst whom he lived;
5. The pilgrim hood of Jesus, who was so detached therein from worldly things that he kept only a cup and a comb—the cup he threw away when he saw a man drinking water in the palm of his hand and the comb likewise when he  saw another man using his finger instead of a toothpick;
6. The wearing of wool by Moses, whose garment was woollen;
7. The poverty of Mohammad (pbuh), to whom Allah the Almighty sent the key of all the treasures that are upon the face of the earth, saying: Lay no trouble on thyself, but procure every luxury by means of these treasures’ and he answered: ‘o Lord, I desire them not; keep me one day full fed and one day hungry.”
These are the excellent principle of conduct.
In all suffering, weather it has been of  long or of short duration, one must be open to see the cause of the disease. Why the patient has got sickness, what happened just before illness, like?
Error in diet, taking cold,
The appearance of weather—rough, wet and cold or stormy.
The approach of autumn, even if it is mild.
Winter and a wintery spring.

Some violent exertions of the body or mind, particularly some shock to health caused by some sever external injury or a very sad event that bowed down the soul.
Repeated fright, great grief, sorrow and continuous vexation, often caused in a weakened body the reappearance of one or more ailments. And this new condition was often aggravated by some quite new concomitants. Which if not more threatening than the former ones which had been removed homoeopathically was often just as troublesome and now more obstinate.

This indicates how to cure a disease-? Which show up one has its foundation some base which may be termed as Psora? The relapses of the disease require a remedy most fitting, directing against the new disease.  The remedy which has been serviceable the first time is less helpful now.

Even the best selected remedy and change in life will not make any difference unless the obstacle mentioned above is removed.

This will be attended with good success and bring the patient into a better state. This requires changing and correcting in the mode of living and habits.

Also take note of joyous incidence or external condition of circumstances improved by fortune—A pleasant journey, a favourable season, or a dry, uniform temperature.

I have patient like Sarcoma of femur stopped coming as he feel better. But the CT scans shows the growth remain the same. The symptoms have changed but the CT scan shows the swelling and indurations. This need to be carefully explained to patient for the follow up to continued for some years.

Palliation is one of the modes of application of treatment with considerable relief. We might consider him healthy, although, he may have moderate ailments.
The return of symptoms, after a Pause, after the best selected remedy with most appropriated dose become less helpful. It is less effective even when repeated often. This is, were, these remedies serve as a weak Palliative.

Further these complaints change its face, its  symptoms and become difficult to eradicate. Even the change in habit, diet and yoga has no effect in modifying the condition. Rather the complaints become more troublesome and threatening to life.  The chronic disease in the best of the Homoeopathic physician grew worse day by day and year by year.

Here I would like to quote Hahnemann, Page 4, Chronic Diseases;
“This was, and remained, the quicker or slower process in such treatment in all non-venereal, severe chronic diseases, even when these were treated in exact accordance with the Homoeopathic art as hitherto known. Their beginning was promising, the continuation less favourable, and the out come hopeless.”
Quoting this I would like to talk about a case of Typhoid a young man consulted me for his continue suffering after Typhoid—

Mr Qazi,  aged 21, consult me on April 5th 2007 for Indigestion- bowel movement very offensive and not form.

General weakness, power thinking very slowly, still need to finish his school.
Sleep disturbing since 2 years. Mind-brooding and restless. Vague look of face and unclean body, very offensive odour of body and feet  when he undressed for examination—unbearable smell. Room freshener used afterward. Patient said he has no body odour. Pain in leg while walking.
Palm and sole moist and smelling-nauseating.
H/o typhoid 2 years back. And Malaria one year back.
April 5, 2007 Baptisia T 200 and on May 4, 07
August 3, 07 Baptisia T 1000.
Great prostration.
All discharges are foetid, especially in typhoid or acute disease, breath, stool, urine, perspiration.
Indispose, and want of power to think. Cannot go to sleep. Uncomfortable when lying down parts feel sore and bruised.

Some of the idiopathic disease can be treated and healed on the proper analysis of the case on Homoeopathic philosophy. Diseases like whooping cough, croup, sycosis, autumnal diarrhoea. The result of dry pleurisy, typhoid, and epidemic diseases has been treated successfully and medicine has been able to turn these diseases in health with right doses and rightly selected remedy.

In spite of the best effort and selection with the best possible mean of repertorisation, the case has not been able to stop the unfavourable result in chronic diseases.  What is the reason of thousand of unsuccessful endeavours to meet the diseases of chronic nature? There was time when we said that we have small number of drug, time consuming case history, time consuming repertorisation. But now, we have the means to shorten the time of case taking, repertorization, with the help of computer assistance programme. There has been addition of proved and valuable medicine, which has increased over the period. Acute diseases has limited time and recovery are almost always, unless complicated otherwise. With the help of strong Vital force,  body defence mechanise help in recovery. Then why the correct Homoeopathic medicine and strong Vital force not was able to make full recovery. This is, one of the reasons which led to discovery of NATURE OF CHRONIC DISEASES.

The reason to find the cure of the chronic illnesses is most challenging today than it has been 200 years ago. The complicated natures of the diseases find it’s impossible to allow our symptomatic medicine to alter the state of health. Although the medicine are selected on symptomatic basis and correctly but has been known to failed to bring real cure.

Today we see cases of chronic nature which has been repeatedly removed by the remedies, always comes back in more or less with same intensity and with new symptoms. Some, returns annually with increase in intensity and severity of complaints. This is due to Palliative effect of the drug, remedy are half similar. The medicine has destroyed only the fragment of symptoms of a more deep-seated chronic illness.

There are two possibility, one, the remedy is half similar , secondly the illness has its root deep in the system. The origin of which is much before the manifestation of the diseases present. Either, the mind or physical accident happen long time back. This is where our aim is to locate or unearth the turning point in the health and life of human being. This can be located by going back in the past or in the family history of the person.

While collecting the symptoms during interrogation we should try to collect all the information regarding illness till the present age, including accident, and illness unrelated to the present condition. The idea behind is to know the kind of illness, which is categories in the three main miasm. The summing has been a unique to homoeopathy only. Bring down the conclusive reason and looking upon the illness as one of the ultimate result of the small or big incident in the life.

There is a balancing mechanism which men in perfect health in spite of all stress of life. When these stress, psychological, physical, atmospheric become, to prolong and strong enough to disturbed the balancing mechanism. The greater is the stress, easier to impaired the life force with unusual signs, sensations and symptoms. This is the language of the sick body. A remedy which has produced the similar condition will bring back the healthy condition rapidly.

The Miasm become the key to see in the physical condition and know the mind and nature of the illness. This provides a means to plan a line of action. The therapeutic method is planned in such a way to help resolve and annihilate the suffering.
It has been possible to recognise the suffering but the drug has to be of the same nature to penetrate deep in the system and unlock the block. This is seen by best of intention; the nature of the disease remains the same unless homoeopathic procedure applied.

Today there are 300 million people all over the world suffering from D. M. many are suffering from Cardio Vascular disorder, Liver and Kidney diseases. Our Science has not been able to provide assistance in these conditions. It all needs a serious thinking, more deep understanding of the disease and living conditions. The correlation between the disease and life style.

In the palliative and preventive mode of therapy Allopathy has been able to gain the confidence of the society. Comparatively our science has been much behind. Although the literature is full of informative material for the preventive and curative therapy. The opportunity is vast especially in India but lack the motives of our fellow professional.

There is a balancing mechanism
The disease of miasmatic nature, very advance and developed in certain degree failed to be resolved by;
1. Increasing the physical constitution-being robust
2. Diet rescheduling
3. Life style changes
4. Only good physical health, diet and change in life is not the solution for getting rid of chronic, it is only partially, the other half is done by Medicine- well selected.
The theory of Miasm—Psora, Syphilis, and Sycosis, gives a directive to vision the illness and narrow down the therapy. A sure and positive line of approach towards the annihilation of the disease. When in advance stage, a relief in suffering. An urticarea—wheel like rash with much itching and scratching since many years is one can be seen every often. Patients are put on anti-allergic pills for years. This is the chronicity of the disease, where the innocent patient keep suffering till they visit us. It is such a relief from dependency, when they do not have to take any more pills.
Here I would like to say about a case of Lama from Tibet, who had suffered from Tuberculosis and has made full recovery with ATT. He was brought to me for weakness and low energy, otherwise looking at him he was overweight, tall and in his late thirty’s. No energy for the day’s work was his main complaint
He was put on Tuberculinum 1000. This improved his level of energy and digestive system behaving normal fashion.

Also it is seen that autoimmune diseases has root cause in throat infection and tonsillitis recurring. The streptococcus infection leads to many chronic ailments.  Allergic rhinitis often leads to bronchial asthma.

Psoriasis and other skin conditions have the root in tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis has been on ramped all over the world and the manifestation of which can e anything and any were in the body. It causes a concern in the treatment of chronic diseases.  It must be kept in mind while interrogating the patient.

Psora. In  chronic cases Psora, may be the main reason behind most of the illness in some form or other. Psora has been since the existence of human being.

It is difficult to treat any chronic disease especially so  Autoimmune disorder, Allergic condition either on the skin or respiratory area, IBS, Multiple sclerosis, DM, Cardio-vascular and many known condition. For all this we do not have any answer. Tumour in various part of the body is challenges for day. Some time we know we have the treatment, but not able to find the means how to go about.

The history of human being and the changes in the life style causes various forms of diseases. The manifestation of the illness has changed. Diseases keep recurrence with intensity. The knowledge presented by Homoeopathy seems to be the better choice in the possibility of managing and treated these cases.

Today the new born baby suffers from skin rash, causing much discomfort to child and mother. Response to Homoeopathic remedy is very late and takes years to resolve.

In the management and treatment of these diseases the philosophy of homoeopathy gives a better inside understanding. The idea and means, the methodology, provides a plate form to look into such disorder. The cause of the  ailment becomes clear when we follow the Theory of Psora, Syphylis, and Sycosis.  Add to this the theory of Tuberular maism.  At least here is the possibility and hope for better.

Our terrestrial body is strong enough to resist any infection from the atmosphere. In other words the agents found in our surrounding do not have the power to invade the physical as well as the entire psychic ailment. They are able to gain entry only when our physical and emotional balances become susceptible. Our organism susceptibility is much more to medicinal power than to the disease causing agent.


This is one of the disorders which cannot be called a disease but the disability that many suffer either in young age or in advance age. Number of people suffering is increasing day by day. We see person in the age group of 20-30 suffer from low back pain, neck pain. Some below the age of 20 suffer due to bad posture and spraining the back. This is a condition of modern day living situation and mental pressure. Many diseases are the product of the civilization and culture of today. Instead of travelling by riding on the back of a horse or in a carriage driven by horse or bull or ox or camel, now we uses modern luxury car. Sitting in sofa is the signs of comfort and pleasure. Today the luxury comfort and sophistication is the prime requirement of the house. Both the rough riding and modern mood of transport has their advantage and disadvantage.

The enjoyment of fresh air, oxygen and change of weather is replaced by air condition, either at the working place or at house leading to many diseases especially Sick Building Syndrome.  Spondylo arthrosis is one of these conditions which need to be looked into. A change in life style and working places and the medication of suitable nature has been helpful.. Any kind of outdoor exercise is essential to keep the mobility of the joint and benefits the muscles to reduce the stiffness. Severity and intensity of the discomfort is taken care with Homoeopathic medicine.

This mode of living has increase the productivity and inefficiency of the working force. Their contribution in the progress and development of nation in general is very much noticeable. The research in field of science is remarkable. The mode of transport is easy. Imaginative power is unlimited. It is difficult ot name and count each and every progress we have made. This is the positive aspect of the modern progress. But in this lies the Miracle and Miraje of the Science.
Computer and Mobile related disorder are next commonly seen. Some of the disorders are unsteadiness while walking, hearing disorder, thinking and memory, and disoriented feeling

Management of Bronchial Asthma.

There has been increasing in the number of adult and children suffering with, Hay Fever Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis with Tracheopharyngitis.

Normally these patients come to homoeopathy after being treated for a long period with Allopathic medicine. The disease have advance and complicated with sinus, increase in susceptibility to cold, environment and atmospheric changes. Patient becomes dependent on medicine and supportive measure. Along with morally feeling low and handicap. The sense of not feeling well and not able to perform the daily routine and low output. Patient has come with a sense of desperate and hope to feel better and energetic.  Physically and psychologically not feeling well. Psychology has a dominating power in the progress of the disease. Although the disease and psychology are inter related and contribute in the development of the condition.

Management of such condition  is difficult but not impossible rather a challenge. This can be taken with confidence, back by the Homoeopathic drugs. Confidence is built up with the good knowledge of drug from the Materia Meidica and power of therapy from Organon of medicine. Confidence building measure is an important factor in the medical profession. Family members and patient comes with good faith with such a life threatening condition. Patient has the right to know that the measure taken by the physician is of great value and has the power to reduce the intensity and severity of the disease. The physician well trained in the science of practices and the auxiliary methods are tried and tested. The methods of approach should be prepared for the ways and means of treatment. The clear layout the treatment of asthma and the choice of drug to be used. The drug selected are well marked the point for their use and effectiveness in the Asthma.
The relationship of the drug after the first prescription is follow by the history of the patient. It is always better to consult the relationship mentioned in books. The required remedy is also a good follow up remedy. The second remedy may be a complementary remedy. To look into these possibilities before selecting a similimum.

The first choice of drugs are;
Psorinum, Calcarea Carbonicum, Spongia Toasta, Aspedoperma, Ipecac.,  Ambra Grisea, Antimonium Crudum, Antimonium Tart. Blatta O. Arsenicum Album., Cuprum M., Kali Carbonicum, Kali Bichromicum. Lobelia Inf., Pulsatilla., Carbo Veg., Dulcamara.,  Hepar sulphuricum., Mephitis, Bryonea Alba. Phosphorous., Sambucus N., Natrum Sulph., Nux vomica., Argentum Nit., Natrum Ars., Naja T.,
Asthma from suppressed measles—Chamomilla, Pulsatilla, Zinc. Page 770, Kent Repertory.

The chapter of Respiration, Expectoration, Cough and Chest are of much value.
When the Anxiety is the reason look into the chest—Anxiety.

I would like to quote a case here;
A young man of 21 years of age, good looking, and pleasant personality came to consult me for his Bronchial Asthma problem. He has an office job. He has been suffering since childhood but the last four years has been worse and wheezing is more pronounce now since 4 months. Causes alarm in his condition.  His symptoms on his first visit on October 19, 2007 are;

Nasal infection of and on, throat dryness, very thirsty drinks normal to cool water. ( dryness of throat could be due to drug use—inhaler etc.)
Coryza, running nose. Headache cannot concentrate in his work.
Wheezing morning o waking and doing work in haste.
Breathless on walking, talking, after exertion.
A short case and the remedies are Spongia Tosta200 and Arsenic Album 6
October 29, 07.

Much better in all respect. No wheezing and no need for inhaler.
The important point here is what made me this Spongia Tosta in this case and in other. First all the case is a chronic and has been having the flare up now and then.  One needs to select a remedy which acts in chronic as well as acute phase. Has the power to act in both stages of the asthma. However it is not necessary that acute remedy is needed in acute and chronic remedy in chronic stages.

The toasted spongia contains small percentage of Iodine. The constitution is flabby, and tubercular in nature and acts on Larynx, and trachea.  Dryness of moucus membrance-of tongue, larynx, trachea and throat. Faints when losing the breath. Anxiety and faintness with cough. Cough with suffocation before midnight and after sleep, sweet thing aggravates.  Always feel comfortable eating or drinking; a little warm things.

Suffocative cough and hoarseness. Cough with dry throat larynx, more so talking, singing. Suffocation as from plug, leaf in larynx, wakes up with violent painful palpitation, with heavy sweat. Anxious gasping breathing. Cough hollow barking, dry, croupy; wakes up with burning in chest and throat. Anxious, wheezing, worse during inspiration and before midnight.

Worse cold drinks or excitement, sweets, drinking cold milk. Better drinking or eating warm things. Sore throat worse eating sweet thing—toffy, chocolate etc.

Here I would to bring to all you the careful observation made during my practice with chronic diseases. This has happen during my earlier days of practice. The presenting symptoms has disappeared and the patient stop coming to me thinking she is cured of the condition.

I remember some cases, after being apparently cured symptomatically. A case of lady in her late forty was brought by her son, a physician for cervical lymphadenopathy with low grad fever and loss of weight. She was put of ATT for two weeks with any favourable response, before she came to see me. After analysing the case Tuberculinum came as the leading remedy. She was given Tuberculinum 1000 and asked to come after one week. The response was positive. She felt better in general and the following week the lymph node reduces in size and in the next two months, gradually she become free of symptoms. Her general health improved. After few months she stopped the treatment apparently healthy.

She was brought to me after 15 years with Bronchogenic carcinoma, one part of the lung full of fluid, she has lost weight, breathing difficulty more on exertion, I started her with Tuberculinum 1000 followed by  Arsenic iod and Aspedoperma MT. all of these helped her to reduce the fluid, relief the breathing condition and sense of well being. She improved considerably and became mobile. Her health improve, and able to manage her routine very well. The remission was of a very short period, say 9 month, when a sever attach came and she collapse and died.

Similarly a young girl of 18 years of age was brought to me for her ailing symptoms of bronchogenic carcinoma, she kept of saying, “and the doctors have made her insane”. Her macular rashes, itching, making her uncomfortable and restless-physically and mentally. She has been over medicated with drugs. She was so week that she had to carry on. She was put on selected remedy. Few days later when I saw her, it was a different patient, very neatly, dressed, had a cheerful look free from anxiety. I was very surprised to see her, and astonished to witness the result of Homoeopathic medicine.  The remission brought here was remarkable, with the comfort to patient and family. This again was for a short period, but very valuable for the patient and family. Who were to understand the nature and prognosis of the disease taking then in confidence?

The above cases give us the nature and depth of the chronic diseases and the end result of the treatment. Treatment from both Allopathic and Homoeopathic. The homoeopaths follow the same line of treatment what the many other line of therapy dose. Here is the line of different and point to think and look in the nature of chronic illness.

The first case of Tubercular Lymph node was not completely followed which lead to end result of Carcinoma of Lung. The treatment I gave was palliative; it only subsided the acute condition and removes the lymph node from the surface. The disease went deep in the vital organ, leaving the least vital organ of the body. Went deep, to destroy the lung. Tuberculinum was able to take hold of the gland but not strong enough to stop the penetrative effect of the bacillus. The other remedies should have followed for a long period of time to have a curative effect with the inter-current dose of anti-tubercular, or ant cancerous drugs. In another words  antisycotic and antipsoric remedies. The miasmatic remedies are very important and specific for such condition, depending upon the presenting symptoms symptomatology.
The instrument of miasm is uniqueness of the Science of Homoeopathy, a sword which has the power to cut and unfold the nature of the chronic illness. It has the power to penetrate beyond imagination of a scientist and the practitioner. Above all it gives a HOPE to suffering individual and an enlightenment to the physician to look into the possible line of treatment. It is the key for the success of Homoeopathy Science and extra privilege for the Art to survive.

“ the cause of maladies cannot be material, since the least foreign material substance , however mild it may appear to us, is suddenly repelled like a poison by the vital force, or when this does not happen, death is consequence. If even the minutest splinter penetrates a sensitive part of our organism, the vital principle everywhere present in our body rest not before it is removed by pain, fever, suppuration or gangrene.”

Lord of the life —-Dr Margery Blackie. Page-6
First make a careful history, thorough clinical examination, seek to make a diagnosis and prognosis.
Treatment is not based on the diagnosis. It is based on the patient’s individual reaction to the disease. After making the clinical diagnosis, you must forget the diagnosis and prognosis. This is possible by way of habits as it is essential, to continue to treat with hope and confidence.

“Jabtak saash tabtak aass—where there is life there is hope.”
As long as the patient has enough life to produce symptoms we can prescribe on them
Psora , the itch and its other forms, tinea capitis, milk crust, tetter etc, of course it is superficial rash, like many other diseases it take a course internal disease before it manifest on the external part. It is an eruption and fever which first has internal feeling of not well, few days later the eruption of measles or chicken pox comes up. Simple removal of wart by cauterization causes increase in the number of wart. This is a common phenomenon. This is due to virus and root is inside the body. Similarly many of the local ailments removed forcibly have brought unspeakable suffering to the mankind.

This reminds me a case in 2002 November, I was asked to visit a case of Sarcoma femur developed after an Injury and treated surgically. The pain remained and gradually increased with metastasis to lung. Disease spread like fire and the 15 years old boy is suffering with enormous amount of pain, discomfort and agony and died few days later I saw him. The external manifestation was certainly not the local ailment but secondary to internal turmoil.

In the origin of these Three Chronic Miasms, three different  important moments are to be attentively considered.
First, the time of infection,
Secondly the period of time during which the whole organism is being penetrated by the disease infused, until it has developed within.
Thirdly, the breaking out of the external manifestation on the body.
Psora, the itch is most contagious of all chronic diseases. The miasma of the itch needs only to touch the general skin especially with the tender children. Disposition to be infected with the miasm of itch is found with almost every one, and under all circumstances.
Herpes has a peculiar itch; tenea capitis can propagate the disease to other person- as these contain the communicable miasm of the psora. The general psora cannot communicate the disease they may transfer as in syphilis.

MOSTLY WITH CHILDREN- frequent discharge of ascarides and other worms, with itching of rectum.
The abdomen often distended.
Now insatiable hunger, then again want of appetite.
Pale lessness of face, and relaxation of muscles.
Frequent  inflammation of the eye.
Swelling of the cervical glands
Perspiration on the head, in the evening after going to sleep..
Epistaxis with girls and youth, often very severe.
Usually cold hand, perspiration of the palms-burning in the palms.
Cold dry or ill-smelling sweaty feet.-burning in the sole of feet.

Baby Saniya,
Age 8 months  consulted on March 02,06 for Vascular malformation.
Ulcer on sacrum-deep with pus like discharge.-thick oozing since 8 months. Started as erythema on perianal region since birth which gradually progresses to  an area of 5×5 cm. Intermittent healing with scaring.
OE Anular erythma plaque around perianal area with cretur erosion with yellowish floor. Centre of natal cleft show deep cratel (?Sinus).
Candidal Granuloma/ infected vascular malfunction.
Self healing haemangioma. Ulceration pf perianal area.
Haemangioma left upper arm..
Father mother DM.
Delayed growth. Perspiration around neck. Very uncomfortable and has to lie on her abdomen. Sleep disturbed, not been comfortable. Parent has been having disturbed night and day. Mother wept in the clinic due to the daughter condition.
Calcarea Carb,  Sil, Hammamelis, Graphites, Medorrhinum,  Baryta Carb. Calc Phos., Tuberculinum, Antim crud.
March 02, 2006
Calcarea carb 0/2 three times a day
March 23, 06 wound much healed, look –healthy. Fever and cough.  Cranky, weep on waking. Sleep more hour than before, wakes up and goes back to sleep after feed or nature call.
Better in laps on standing and rocking. Intake of feed is less than before.
Chamomilla 200, 3 doses, one dose every 10 minutes.
April  07, 2006. Constipated and bleeding per rectum occasionally.
Sulphur 200
May 18, 2006.
Redness and rawness at the junction of buttock is less.  No discharge. Has been well  and more active.  Sleeps on back. Parents feel relieved.
Sac lac 30 tds for a week
May 30, 06 diarrhoea   Calcarea Carb 200
June  20, 06  redish around anus. Cutting her teeth due acidic stool.
Aloe socot 6
July 21, 06
Stool hard. Redness and cracks around anus. Choking while crying.
Lycopodium 200 and Rhus tox 6 tds for two weeks.
February 24, 07.
Desire for lime, Earth etc. thread worm infestation. Itching around rectum
Cina 1000
Osteomylitis  cases one of recent case and other old case.
Psoriasis 2 cases Mrs Aggarwal and one from Hospital.
The above demonstration of cases is to show the true nature of the disease. We are not been able to arrest a condition which apparently superficially seems to be cured. It is possible to cured acute cases but it is astonishing to see the patient comes back with sickness of grave intensity. Some people do have recurring manifestation of disease. Chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rheumatic pain, asthmatic condition keep recurring either seasonally or otherwise. It is difficult to make a complete break through. The Law of Similars guided by Philosophy and Organon of medicine help to see the cause and nature of disease. These are deep medical problem which acting under the influence of Vital force. Normally Vital force act under the influence of crude drugs and potentized medicine. When the skin eruption is suppress, it goes inside affecting the inner lining of the vital organs like heart, lungs, kidneys and gasterointestinal tract. The lining of the intestine or kidneys gets inflamed. After a well selected Homoeopathic remedy the inflammation of intestine or kidney is restore and skin symptoms appeared. This is the normal phenomena and line of recovery in chronic disease. The curative response of the chronic Psoric disease is from within out ward, from center to circumference and the last symptoms to appear are the first to go under the influence of remedy.
A case of Acute Gastritis followed after Viral infection. Constant, irritating hiccough was the reason he come to see me. It was a drug induced and Nux vomica 200 relief it quickly and gradually he became normal but before he could feel better feverish feeling was notice which also went away under the influence of Nux Vomica.
Psora is the basic toxin takes many form of manifestation. It is now recognised as Psoric arthritis, attacking any part of the joint like hip joint, knee joint, S. dermatitis and others.
Wart and other skin growth of different variety, indicating the sycotic diathesis.
Diseases like typhoid, measles, chicken pox and other eruptive fever when treated with Homoeopathic medicine, develop greater resisting power against all sickness. Many different kind of skin and allergic rhinitis and asthma occur to new born baby. These illness has been transmitted through parent has been studies during the course of treatment of newborn babies. Anxious mother wants to know whether such illness can be cure even.
Sycosis manifestation are;

The constitutional Remedy.
In dealing with chronic diseases, one of the modes to treat the diseases is the constitutional line of approach. This is the one of the best method and test by much professional yielding good result. There are many ways to prescribe for the disease.
The following methodology;
1.  Key note Prescribing.
2. Personalities –study the patient and look at them in term of remedies.
3. Pure symptoms and pathology but not on personality.
4. Constitutional prescription.
The above are the empirical categories that I have come across during the course of my practice. One is related in one form other to each other. It is just for the sake of knowledge and academic interest that this division are place. It is essential to understand the mind of prescriber. To make it more easily understandable. To develop the power of recognising the important of symptoms. It is very essential to know the dependable symptoms for the basis of selecting the remedy. Develop the knowledge and important of the symptoms and sign given by the patient and relative. Throughout the literature the emphasis is put on the value of what patient says. Listen to the patient he is telling the diagnosis. Listening is an art which help to select the characteristic of the patient. The characteristic which the patient can describe before the diagnosis is made. The origin of the disease, what happen before the signs and symptoms first showed up. The physician must be attentive to those symptoms which are peculiar to the patient and characteristic of the patient. Here one needs to avoid the symptomatology common to the disease. This is a very vital point in the selection of remedy and art of Homoeopathy. This is where the role of Key note prescribing comes in to play.

Key note. Most of our prescriptions are based on this principle. Recognising the peculiar symptoms that are in the patient. It is mostly easy in acute, but also present in chronic cases. This is the art of searching in the midst of so many symptoms. Ordinarily the common pathological symptoms are well known. The symptoms which have a reason to be present are common to the disease. The symptoms which cannot be reasoned and has no based to present are the one we look for- key note. It may be one or more but usually not many. These give groups of drug to be selected one.

Like milky coated tongue— Bell, Glonion, Kali iod Merc Cya, Antim crud, Bryonia Alba,  Mercurius Solibilis, Natrum Muriaticum, Taraxicum)
All of these drugs have different discoloration peculiar to its own,
Antim crud stands out for its being Thick milky coating,
Bryonea Album—yellow, dark, heavily white in gastric derangement,
Taraxicum –mapped tongue, covered with white film, leaves red sensitive patches,
Natrum muriatim—frothy coating,mapped  etc.
Chamomilla for teething, Aconite for sudden shock, Ignatia for disappointed love etc.
Once I was asked to prescribe for a elder lady who is having difficult passing urine  and had to be catheterized. It has happen after sudden death of her son. Natrum Muriaticum came to my mind and gave an immediate relief.
A case of malaria under my observation was consulted on phone by his wife. It was 5pm and he had fever, nausea and his wife said he does stay at one place keep moving from one place to another—Arsenic album
Lady in middle age called me for her pain in occipital region; it is more in the act of lying down Taraxicum

Personalities. This way of observing the patient. Forget the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. In long standing cases it is difficult to separate the symptoms peculiar to the patient from those that are common to the disease. Some of these symptoms—peculiar and characteristic, disappeared or forgotten, makes it difficult to diagnose a remedy. In such condition one can take the help of the patient as whole, the personality of the person and forget the disease. Prescribing for the person and not for the disease. It is the patient that matter not the disease. This is difficult to separate from constitutional line of approach. But it has it own value and help in many situation when the disease masked with over drugging. The prognosis has gone too far.

Arsenic album has its own personality similarly Sulphur has well known outlook
Calcarea carbonicum the pot belly has been of remarkable help in a case of lady doctor—Najma, suffering from hernia and other abdominal discomfort.
Rheumatic arthritis worse in wet stormy weather—
The only differences that I can see between Personality and Constitutional are, personalities do not take note of any symptoms of the disease. Where as in the constitutional the disease symptoms may have some role to play in the selection of the remedy.
In personalities as in constitution it is the not the pathology of the organ most affected is important but the mental and general symptom which leads to selection of remedy.

Pure symptoms and pathology but not on personality.
This is a unique technique to deal with the sick people. In cases when the pathology is very advance and is difficult o find characteristic symptom. It has its own value and help in many situations when the disease masked with over drugging. The prognosis has gone too far and not good. The vital force is not in a position to react but need an extra help. This can also been seen in old and fragile state where the energy level in general is very low. In cases of nutritional deficiency, the diet has to be corrected and supplemented. I come a across in cases of Bronchial Asthma with emphysema, Cardiac disorder, renal insuffiency, splenomegaly. It is required here to give medicine with sub- physiology doses. These material doses need to continue till the body strength improve and ready to take the stimulus from the dilution. If we go by physiology the dose is still very low and not in the strength to produce any change in the physical body, but strong enough to give the power to body to fight the emergency situation.

In my observation these material doses diluted with distil water and given in drop doses has an excellent result.  In acute case like Infective Hepatitis, Chelidonium, Carduus M, Hydrastis Can, Myrica, Chionanthus are effective drug in controlling the acute condition. In cases where the liver enzyme is very high has shown down ward trend. Patient acute symptoms are relieving and a sense of well being within a short period.  In cases of Bronchial Asthma, drugs like
Aspidosperma, Blatta Orientalis, Grindelia,
Solidago virgo, Myrtus Communis 3x
Nux Vomica, Calcarea Carboniucm,  Sambucus N, Kali Bich, Kali carb., Natrum group of medicine. Lobelia Inflata.
All of these have shown effectiveness. There uses is restricted till the body energy is raised and the patient can be put to the remedy. The idea and duty of the physician is to raise the level of energy which can take and sustain the stimulus. Of course there are reports about the action of high potency in acute condition, which depends on the clear cut indication of the possible simillimum. Which can be looked into while the patient is making recovery with material doses? That means in acute case these drugs give a breathing time till we can find the specific remedy. This provides a means to handle the acute and emergency. One may call this a mean to develop faith in doctor and restore confidence in patient.

In the Guiding Symptoms, Hering has legitimated the method, which he himself followed. He said, he used the disease designations in the Materia Medica, not for the purpose of recommending the particular remedy for the disease, but to show the great variety of remedy that may be used for any disease when otherwise indicated.
A thing that certainly aid in finding the curative, Dr. J Cromptom Burnett expresses it;
The fact is we need any and every of finding the right remedy; the simple, simile, the simple symptomatic similimum, and the farthest reach of all—the pathologic similimum, and I maintain that we are still well within the lines of homoeopathy that is expansive, progressive, science fostered and science fostering, and world-conquering.

This indicate the homoeopathy is not only many sided but all sided. Homoeopathy has investigated the action of all substance, the article of food, beverages, condiment, drugs or poisons, it action of health or sickness.
As regard the doses the recommendation is my personal observation and some colleague who have beneficial effect in their practice. Some prefer to use it directly other prefer to use diluted. I prefer to use only the diluted method of my own ratio and found to be most suitable to myself and my patient.
The drug selected on the basis of it affinity to the disease organ. This is within the Homoeopathic boundary. Doses are prescribe as low as possible, just enough to stimulate the energy level. There are many drugs describe in different Materia Medica having the affinity for the organ.


The science has one and last answer to everything—Art of Individualisation—patients and remedies. It is much convenient to select the remedy in connection to disease. It is an easy way to selecting the drug related to disease, which is a convenient but nothing else. This is limited use of the remedy. It is better to understand and utilise the remedies to its fullest extent. We must know them as power ready to serve in any given cases, under any condition with the consideration of the name of the disease. This hidden power is found in each and every substance, either animal, plants or mineral, whether they are used in diet—food and drinks. The power of the remedy is determined by its action on the body and removing the symptoms in a patient.

The term CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT, is very special to Homoeopathy. Similarly Constitutional Remedy is peculiar to Art and Philosophy of Homoeopathy. It means the fundamental system of laws governing the body. This is true of our Material physiological body. But we go still further, beyond the physical boundary and individualised person having their
     Own personality,
Their own characteristic,

Acting and behaving in their own way in a given circumstances.
This is a very special evaluation, giving an insight in the mind and physics of the individual. The constitution is a picture or graph of the person in total reflecting to select to fit the same graph of remedy.  Some total is the strength and weakness of the person, mentally emotionally and physically. This can be achieving by taking information of the case prior to undiagnosable stages of the illness. All the chronic case when they come to us it is mixture of disease, and drug. The drugging stages need to be fully known while collecting the information of the illness. Then we should look into before he came for investigation. The symptoms present before the diagnosis and prognosis. Like patient age 16 years female, came to see telling “Doctor ne bowlla kerdia”—Doctor have made me insane. The agony of the drug and it’s over dose. It indicates very clearly how the patient is reacting in spite of the so call best experimental treatment.   Few days back on October 8. 07 a child was brought with pain in abdomen and being cranky all the time, with the allopathic medicine he is better but the pain comes back. Child is restless, weeping difficult to be examine. It is easy to assess a constitution in a child than in an adult. Some patients are straight and say since I got virus/flue, I have been going down the hill since then, give some clue the onset of disease-illness, a thread which can lead us to a proper selection of remedy. But in some adult it not so easy as self control method applied—like as time, circumstances, education, opinion, self control, all enter in. some we have to apply extra stress to see the real person

In order to make a skilful prescription it is necessary to apply the knowledge of Materia Medica and Philosophy. The knowledge will guide for the future action of the prescriber. It needs a good understanding and the ability to interpret the meaning of the symptoms after the action of remedy. The good prescription will be indicated by;
Symptom leaving;
From above downward.
From within outward
From centre to circumference
From more vital to less vital parts of the body
This is the sure signs of a good selection of the remedy, which, when,  given proper time, will bring positive and curative result. Where as if symptoms depart in an opposite way it is a wrong and inaccurate selection of remedy. This attracts the intention to know the important of each symptom. The value each symptoms carry and the grading.

Auto immune disorder

Rheumatic condition
Allergy condition

Let talk about Rheumatic condition and survey the general symptoms of the disease. This is available from any book on Practice of Medicine. The general symptoms are the symptoms of the disease—the common symptoms. These symptoms are of no value as far as the selection of remedy is concern. But in some advance cases which is complicated with drug it is advisable to.
There is another aspect of thinking and approach to this condition. The following three step taken by me and many other physicians seem to be in the line and method of Law of Homoeopathy. It has been well justified and testified in the clinic. It all depends when and how we use the drugs.

Pathological indication of selecting the drug. The correspondence of the drug picture with the disease picture related it is within the province of Homoeopathy. As it is within the application of Law. The idea of this approach is to find and seek the fixed and definite similarity between drug and disease.

Nutritive remedy. Under the categories depend chiefly on the nutritive value of the remedy. The application of remedy is due to the drug in normal quantities act physiologically and in abnormal amount cause disease similar. In some feature to their known pathogenetic effects. These drugs are also in line with Law of Homoeopathy.

The third are the physicians who sole depend on the Organon in prescribing. This is the best and within the domain of Homoeopathy. The sole aim is to find the Simillimum. The method gives the best and nicest possible result. This is the genuine medicine as formulated by the Master and practitioner of Science of Homoeopathy.

Here it is essential to observe what makes them especial and which one is the close to the Law of Similar. All the three class is taking care of and prescribing on the totality of Symptoms. The Selection of remedy is differ severally—Symptoms Totality. But there is a difference in the ultimate result—selection of remedy. The difference is quite mark.

The first pick out the characteristic in the pathological changes. The second nutritive changes; the third, the more prominent, uncommon and peculiar feature of the case.
The first two rely only on OBJECTIVE CHANGES
Adonis vernalis is given with heart functional disorder—muscles of heart re in the stage of fatty degeneration. It regulates the pulse, increases the contracting power of heart and increase the urine output in a elderly man of 75 years.
China, for loss of vital fluid in young man.

Silica for acne in a young girl of 21 years with offensive body odour and sole, is a chilly patient with mental anxiety
The first two method of treatment follow the pathology cause the mental picture, drug induced mental symptoms.  The mental symptoms are depended on the pathological state of the physical body. Here the characteristic symptoms depend on the physician, how and what weight he gives. Weather it is related to pathological effect—drug induced.

It is very much appropriate to refer to Hahnemann own observation. When Hahnemann discovered that,
Arsenic Album can cause Endocarditis; Bryonea Alba, Pleurisy; Mercurius Corrosivus  Bright diseases; Kalmia Lotifolia, Albumanuria.
Whenever he was not able to find the characteristic, peculiar symptoms, he employed this drug accordingly. Usually his command of other and more interior effects of drugs leads him to proceed more intelligently and to act more comprehensively.

Quote –Hahnemann
I see certain objective and less ultimate objective symptoms that call more emphatically for another drug—for Pulsatilla. “But”, comes up the objection from the round below, Pulsatilla has not he pathological symptoms.” “ True, but it has the important symptoms of the case, which I recognise as not mere reflex effects of the localized disease, but which rather bear a causative relation; and , besides, they are manifest in planes of molecular action, which necessarily hold to the coarser parts the relation of cause to effect, and any drug applied to the local symptoms only will have but a partial and palliative effect.”

Application of such method is not out from the boundary of Law of Homoeopathy. Our method develops an objective therapeutic. In case of application of Aconite power to cause and cure the fever was not known to Hahnemann. The selection was made from concomitant symptoms guided by the rule of characteristic. The act of Hepar  was not proved to hastened the formation of pus,
Boils were develop, unhealthy sores suppurated, but the power of drug over pus was deduced from such symptoms as intolerance of pain, parts feel sore as a boil, etc. these objective and pathological facts as determined are of paramount importance. It certainly is Homoeopathy, but whether or not it is pure Homoeopathy is another question. Aconite is doubtless similar to fever and prove to cause chill, fever, and sweat. But to be similimum in a given case it requires the peculiar mental anguish and restlessness—it’s so distinctive of it and not the quiet and torpor of some other inflammatory drugs.

“   they certainly are incomplete in the sense that they are not ultimate; but since they originate the ultimate they do not cease their activity when the later appear; they still hold the superior position of cause to effects; and , besides, they represent disease changes of a more interior character than do their ultimate—disease changes which, be it ever remembered, may ultimate in more than one way; hence , they are of a more universal value.”

The comprehension of a drug in the initial stage of the preparation to apply the drug in a disease.  An example like Apis and Bell—these two remedies has sleepy, but cannot sleep. The known general properties of these two remedies make it easy to select.

The single symptoms are also important as to the Totality of Symptoms. Some time the single symptoms lead to a drug. While selecting a drug the knowledge of the drug comes into consciousness and intuitively fits into its proper place. This knowledge has been acquired by long association with the drug and patient attention to details—characteristic. Thus creating an accurate mental picture. This need to be done with correct generalization of drug along with full and complete analysis of it particulars. The mental impress formed by a reconstru