Today most pain and illnesses are curable provided the patient takes all the necessary
precautions and realizes his own responsibility.

He must cooperate wisely with the Doctor;
He must not lose heart; and
He must fully trust his own will power.

How to help your Doctor

You, the patient, can play an effective and helpful role in treating health problems. This is how:

1. Tell anything related to your problem without hesitation. In plain and
simple language.
2. There should be no exaggeration and no under-estimation.
3. Tell your doctor the truth. If you make a wrong statement your doctor
will be misled and will misunderstand your situation. This will put him
in a false position and will also prolong your treatment.
4. Temperament & emotion plays a great role in the progress of the disease.

Explain clearly without analysing it.

Family history is an important aspect in medicine. It means the diseases suffered or suffering by the blood relative from both side of the parents. It also means all the family weaknesses or any hereditary disease. If any relative of yours ever faced a problem like yours, tell your doctor about it in detail. This information is of great help in arriving at a proper diagnosis, and also in the proper selection of the remedy.

Other points to mention to your Doctor

1. The doctors you have visited. What did they tell you? This will help your doctor to
make his own diagnosis.
2. Describe your personal suffering and all the symptoms you are experiencing. This
will help your doctor to understand your problem, then he will be in a position to
select the correct remedy.
3. Emotional disturbances, mental shock, due to any reason, all contribute to the
development of present situation of health.
4. Be frank, brief and to the point.

Your Medicine

After you have taken your medicine for a few days, give your doctor a report about it.
What effect did it have? Did it help you or not? On the basis of your report the doctor may need to change the doses, or he may even change the medicine itself.
Normally there is no dietary restriction with the medicine, but a gap of half an hour before or after taking the medicine is acceptable. Restrictions are related to the disease one is suffering from.

Oct 18 th 1996.

This is to certify that Master Hassan has been
examined by me on Oct 18th 96. He is not
suffering from any infectious disease presently.

The age as assessed by the development of bone
of wrist and hands is approximately 6 years.

Also as per his height, weight, physical appearance
and mental ability,he appears to be approximately
6 years old.