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  • I had never had trust in Homeopathy till I found Dr. Qasim‘s Clinic in 1998 and since then I and my family have hardly consulted any Allopathic doctor, except in emergencies. Now when it comes to our health issues we have full faith in Dr. Qasim and Dr. Khalid who are easily approachable. Needless to mention that Homeopathic medication is not...

    Danish M. Rizvi

    New Delhi

  • ‘Faith and optimism have life-giving qualities. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “For some patients, though conscious that their position is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the physician”. That comes from trust, which a doctor promotes by conveying optimism. Certainly promoting optimism is critical to good doctoring and is a significant aspect of the art of healing’. (From ‘The Lost Art of Healing, Practicing Compassion in Medicine by Bernard Lown, M.D., Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize) ........
    Ms. Vijayluxmi BoseMs. Vijayluxmi Bose
  • Hope this finds you well. First to introduce myself- I am Mukulika Akbar, daughter of Mallika Akbar and you had kindly treated me for PUPPs while I was pregnant in late 2014/2015. I was able to ward off PUPPs thanks to you, as a result of which my pregnancy and delivery on Jan 11 2015 was remarkably different from the first time round. Thank you so much for this- I really am deeply appreciative and apologies for not thanking you earlier. Our baby boy is 4 .5 months now and I finally feel like it is easier. Unfortunately I am suffering from allergies post partum- severe hayfever, headaches due to nasal congestion, mild earache and very dry reactive skin. I would really appreciate any advice or treatment for my state. I am exclusively breastfeeding our baby so would like you to take that into account.
  • Dear Dr. Qasim, My mother passed away on 5th June. She had a peaceful and relatively painless end. On 4th June she was losing consciousness and was admitted to the hospital. As we objected to any intervention for purpose of new investigation, they discharged her saying that oxygen in the blood was low. She passed away in sleep on 5th early morning at home after a bout of mild breathlessness.
    indumathi vijayaraghavanindumathi vijayaraghavan